The Experience

Aluna Escapes provides a platform for 5-7 selected models to come along on the trip of a lifetime and create magical memories and killer content for their social media accounts. You get to meet our creative team, likeminded female models/bloggers/influencers and share a unique experience together creating new friendships gaining a wealth of knowledge while you get to travel to the unknown!


Photoshoots & Lifestyle photography

Individual Photoshoot - you will receive up to 2 one on one photoshoots with Angel Riley on location and at the resort.

Lifestyle images - Angel will be following you around taking candid shots of all of the models throughout the escape that you will get to keep! 


Social Media Workshop

In this workshop you will learn the do's and don'ts of social media photography. How to optimise your content creation and get the most out of each post. You will also learn effective ways to market yourself and grow your own brand. Q&A with Angel Riley & Influencer.


Social Marketing Gift Pack

Your chance to be a micro influencer! You will be given a social media gift pack from Aluna Escapes. This will contain a variety of products gifted to you by our clients. You will also be given a brief on what kind of imagery the brands would like influencers to produce. This criteria will make it easier for you to be reblogged. So use the product, partner up with someone to get that perfect pic, or take an amazing selfie and blog it! Group photo's may be required for a few brands! This pack will also contain a cute little Aluna Escapes Squad t-shirt for being part of the Escape!